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Myself, a playful cat and Charlie on a bright morning in Amboseli as we await our breakfast before a day of safari

Dear all,

it seems like an age since I last wrote, or indeed engaged in the process of being an actual yoga teacher. As you surely all know, this last four weeks Charlie and I have been away: 16 days in Africa, a week in England and a week in Scotland with our respective families. I won’t bore you with the details of my holiday other than to say it was the trip of a lifetime and felt like three different vacations compressed into one. We spent a week on safari, four days sunbathing on the coast and the final few days at the birthhome of my father in the highlands of Nyeri. And yes, I practised every day throughout this trip. Some practices were last thing before sleep, others at first light; some were an hour and a half, and others just twenty minutes. Whatever I managed, I was happy and content.

These practices were always simple. A few minutes of sitting quietly as my body and mind settled. A set-sequence of pranayama that didn’t change throughout the trip (mainly sama vritti, and nadi shodhana with some bhramari sometimes), and whatever asana I felt complemented my journey through Kenya. Normally these comprised some form of moon-salutations rather than sun-salutations (to address the fact that most of my energy was being used up elsewhere throughout the day) and chains of backbends, shoulder and hip openers to counteract the long hours spent sitting down in planes, taxis and safari-vans. Nothing fancy, and nothing intense.

I continued this simple but regular approach throughout the following weeks of Christmas and New Year. Again, at times my mat was unrolled last thing before bed, others, during a quiet moment in the afternoon, but always daily. These postures provided a framework from which I could hang self-reflection, introversion and quietude to balance the beautiful chaos of festivities with family and friends.

I encourage you to find this practicality in your own work on the mat. Yoga is here to help us engage more fully with life; it augments our awareness, settles our mind so we can be more present and hones our bodies so they don’t drag us back from fun, adventure and the joy of simply moving throughout our days, whatever they may present.  

Charlie and I doing some impromptu rock-climbing in Hell’s Gate (inspiration for locations in the 1994 Lion King movie).


All classes are now back on

(with the exception of my sessions at Shell’s Silver Fin building which restart next week).

Price Changes for 2024

Crathes + Peterculter classes

There will now be an option for an 8 class block, costing £56. This works out at £7/class.

The 4 class block will now rise to £32. This works out at £8/class.

Drop-ins will now rise to £10/class.

These price changes should simplify things for regulars – if you opt for the £56 block, you aren’t paying more to work with me, just less frequently.  

(If you are still on one of the old blocks from last year, don’t worry, you can use it up. Next time you need to pay the new prices will come into effect)

Student prices remain the same.

Blocks Now Expire after 4 months of Non-Attendance

If I haven’t seen you for 4 months, your remaining pass expires, saving me admin time. You could still only come once every 3 months and have your pass function, which is hopefully fair?!

My brother-in-law, me and my best friend playing poker on New Year’s eve (I did terribly)

I hope you have had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

See you on the mat,


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