Sarah Durney Charcoal Yoga Viparita Chakarasna

Back from Italy

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After a stunning week in the Italian sun, Charlie and I are back in Scotland. Our time away was fantastic: incredible food, weather, and people made this retreat a true highlight of our year so far. Perhaps most importantly, we had the chance to spend uninterrupted time with our teacher Sarah Durney, as she guided us into the deeper waters of our practice. To work with a yogi so wise and experienced is a privilege, and to call her our teacher is an honour.

I remember in 2015 being crestfallen when I found she was moving away from Aberdeen, but I’ll never forget her telling us to cheer up, as she only got to see her teacher once every few years! This year alone we’ve worked with Sarah twice, so I’m counting my blessings.

Also, shout out to Jennie who came with us from our classes in Aberdeen to bask in the Italian sun and fortify the foundations of her burgeoning practice. Again, it’s a privilege to work with a yogi so dedicated to the path, and to call her not just a student, but also a friend (and holiday mum!).

Thanks also to the fellow yogis we met during the week: it was inspiring to share daily Sādhanā with folk from all over the globe. We send our gratitude to the lovely woman that massaged us mid-week as well. Her unique blend of shiatsu and deep tissue work gave us physical and emotional release that was so welcome after 3 hours of practice every morning and afternoon workshops!

Lastly, thanks to Mark and Nicola for setting up YogApulia and creating such a haven. This place feels truly special; a crucible for the fire of practice for sure, but also a vessel for tranquility and serenity.

Here are a few shots from the week – just click on them to view large

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