Oliver Richard and Eddie Stern

A Conversation with Eddie Stern

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During his June 2023 workshop in Aberdeen, I was asked to sit down and talk with Eddie Stern.

A personal highlight of this chat was as we spoke about Lou Reed (a musical lodestar of mine) and his passing. Eddie taught Lou yoga in his final years and enjoyed a friendship with both him and his wife Laurie Anderson. He went on to confirm a very moving story that literally brought tears to my eyes when I first heard of it. On his final day on Earth, Lou Reed sat with his wife gazing at the ocean. He could no longer move his body but still he moved his hands through Tai Chi’s 21 Form. Even at the threshold of death he stayed connected to his spiritual practice – a lesson to us all.

Other than this, we had a long unstructured chat about music and yoga, with other conversational high points including the New York ‘80s hardcore scene, Nick Cave, and the intersection between punk ethos and yogic ideals. This video is about as niche as it gets: the confluence of non-mainstream music with esoteric principles!

Here is the full 1.5hr chat on YouTube.

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