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A quick message to you all: from October 9-16th Charlie and I shall be heading to Zagreb, Croatia to practise and learn from the highly esteemed yoga couple David Robson and Jelena Vesic

Having followed these two yogis online for years, it will be a surreal experience to meet them in the flesh, let alone work intensively with them for 7 days.
David Robson and Jelena Vesic
Because of this, all my classes are cancelled Oct 9-16th. They will return on Monday 17th. However, some of my gym classes have cover, as follows:
– 9th Ashtanga Yoga, ASV – Ali Wiseman
– 9th Power Yoga, Nuffield – Ali Wiseman
– 12th Vinyasa Yoga, Nuffield – Ali Wiseman
– 14th Hatha Yoga, ASV – Ali Wiseman
– 14th Power Yoga, ASV – Ali Wiseman
– 16th Power Yoga, Nuffield – A pilates substitute class from Sharon

There are some classes that may not be covered as I couldn’t find anyone directly. These include:
– 13th Power Yoga, Nuffield 
– 14th Ashtanga Yoga, Nuffield
– 16th Ashtanga Yoga, ASV 

Keep an eye out as ASV/Nuffield may find their own teachers for these classes. Remember, just because I’ll be away doesn’t mean you can’t practise! To put it into perspective, the last time I worked with my teacher Bharath was 2018 and the last time I worked with my other teacher Sarah was early Summer this year…

If I am doing my job well, you are becoming self-sufficient yogis! Five minutes a day is a wonderful thing. Plant a seed and water it daily; over the weeks, months and years it eventually grows into a towering tree.

I’ll see some of you at classes this week and push you very hard so you’ll be glad to see the back of me 😉


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