No class 14-18th June

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I am off to Spain from 14-18th of June, which means no classes! I’m also taking the 13th off as it’s my birthday. Last class before I leave is on Sunday 12th at Nuffield; everything resumes as normal from 19th onwards.

This weekend past we were delighted to have Sarah Hatcher back in Aberdeen for a multi-day workshop. Charlie and I often say how spoiled we were to start our yogic journey with Sarah in 2013-2015, as she’s not your average yoga teacher! Her instruction is clear and concise with lovely use of analogies and metaphors, her experience is second to none, and her approach is firm but completely safe and approachable. Sarah is truly a yoga teacher who walks the walk – such an inspiration. Now that travel has eased I can’t wait to head over to Dublin and spend a week or two in her Mysore studio.
Nb. This hands-free headstand was way beyond my current ability! I had blocks connecting my back to the wall and without Sarah holding my feet there was little chance of getting my hands to my flanks. Definitely don’t try it at home. Sarah drove home to me the importance of getting all your intermediate headstands utterly ram-rod straight before attempting this asana…
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