Charcoal Yoga Aberdeen 2022

2022 is here and so is my new timetable!

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Dear all, I hope this finds you well. I shall try to be brief: I have new classes starting this year!

From January onwards, my Tuesday evening class at Love Yoga Studio shall now be run as a Mysore Style class. This basically means self-practice in a group setting. Usually, such an approach is associated solely with Ashtanga Yoga but I encourage you to come along and practice whatever you are working on, even if it isn’t a traditional sequence. If you don’t have any self-practice, come along anyway and I will help you choose/devise your own to suit your level and ability which is why, in my opinion, Mysore Style is the best way to learn asana. It is tailored to you personally, with everyone in the room doing something a little different to one another. You can build your confidence and explore in safety with the expert guidance of your teacher to steady you; this is how I started my yogic journey in 2014 with Sarah Hatcher and furthered it in 2017/2018 with Bharath Shetty.

Secondly, I shall be adding three new classes to my timetable, all at Aberdeen Sports Village. On Friday evenings I shall be running a Dynamic Hatha and then Power Yoga class, followed by my usual session for the Aberdeen University Yoga Student Union (see timetable for details). On Sunday mornings, I’ll be leading my new Condensed Ashtanga class at the ASV. I am so excited to begin these sessions and hope to see you there!

Thank you all for your continued support,

Keep practicing (and booking for classes!)


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