Crathes Village Hall 2 Charcoal Yoga Oliver 2021

100th Class at Crathes Village Hall

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Crathes Village Hall Charcoal Yoga Oliver 2021
Crathes Village Hall 2021

Last Wednesday marked the 100th session at Crathes Village Hall. I would have hit this milestone last year if not for the semi-apocalypse…
This class holds a special place in my heart as it was the first ever yoga class I set up by myself, in early 2018, soon after I returned from India. Frankly, the beginning months were spectacularly quiet! I often taught just one student, and sometimes no one turned up at all. In those days, I was over the moon when I had 2 people as it meant I was able to break even…
Serendipitously, the 100th class last week was also my busiest to date, AND it also coincided with the 1 year anniversary of my collarbone break; a night of personal landmarks! I asked the class for a photo and quickly realised I wasn’t going to be able to fit everyone in, hence the 2 attempts. Apologies if you have been cut out!
Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far in my journey as a teacher. I have grown so much since those early days and I owe it to my students. I’ve seen you have babies, survive cancer, leave for universities and hit your 80th birthdays. Throughout all of that, the practice has remained constant…
Here’s to the next 100 classes

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