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How to use the booking system

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I am out of isolation, which means my real life classes are back on! Already booking via email and text has become a juggle, so I’ve implemented a booking system, accessed via I know that some of you will be more comfortable avoiding this kind of thing, so I’ve tried to simplify the process as much as I can. For now you don’t pay online when you book, as many of you like to use cash and bank transfer.

To use the system:

  1. Go to
  2. If you aren’t registered with Smoothbook, click on the log in/register button in the top right corner of the booking section. Register with an email and password, which you’ll need whenever you book, as confirmation is sent to that email address.
  3. Now click on the BOOK button for the class you want to attend.
  4. Select the specific date(s) on which you would like to attend.
  5. Add a person (this allows you to book for multiple students; maybe you are bringing friends along to this class).
  6. You will be asked if you want to book future appointments – if so go ahead and add those dates too!
  7. Review what you’ve booked and confirm.

You will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided. If you don’t get a confirmation email, you didn’t finish the process!

If you need to cancel your booking, just log into your Smoothbook account (quick way to do this is go to go back to and click on the green button saying “Hi *name*”) and go to your appointments. Delete whichever class you can no longer attend. You’ll get an email confirming this.

The system is working well for physical classes where spaces are limited. As you book, you will see how many slots are left in the class when you reserve your own. If there aren’t any, you are added to a waiting list. If anyone cancels, you’ll be emailed with the opportunity to take that slot for yourself!

I’ve added the Monday night Zoom class as well, but truthfully you don’t have to book for this: spaces are basically unlimited. I just included it to show what options there are during the week, and give you a chance to try out the booking system without any risk of something going wrong. If you accidentally claim 25 spots for the Zoom class, it won’t be the end of the world!

Any confusion, please do get in touch and ask for help – I’ll be behind the scenes making sure everyone is happy.


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