Charcoal Yoga Surya Namaskara

Episode 4 is up!

Oliver Broken Collarbone Leave a Comment

Episode 4 is now live on Youtube (Facebook and Instagram to follow). Here I demonstrate simplified Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations), split into 3 stages of accessibility. Although I created these variations to compensate for my broken ribs and collarbone, I think they’ll be of use to anyone who struggles to keep up with regular Surya Namaskara (which we do at the start of every class). What’s more, it’s always handy to have modified versions in your repertoire for those times you are low on energy or feeling a bit run down. If you want to use these modified Sun Sals during my classes instead of the standard sequence, please do so. I’ve made sure they last the same amount of breaths, with inhales and exhales at the same points as the classic version, so if you choose to do the simplified ones you’ll stay in time with the class (i.e. return to standing at the same moment etc). 

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