I Broke My Collarbone

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I seem happy about it

On Wednesday I snapped my collarbone. I’ve decided to do an ongoing video diary to record my recovery, using my yoga practice to aid the healing process. This series of videos will explain why I am choosing to do what I am doing in the hope it could:

– help other yogis who may find themselves in a similar position

– give fellow teachers insight into this awkward injury through the lens of another yogi

– show non-yogis simple, safe physical practices that may help their recovery

Forgive the rambling, rough-cut video, but everything’s quite tricky at the moment, including typing, so that’s all I’ll say for now other than classes online SHALL continue to run, albeit without my demonstrations. I may get Yoga By Charlie to help, or spotlight ‘star students’. Maybe see you on Monday at the Strong Class or Tuesday at the Foundational class.

More to follow,


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