Charcoal Yoga Aberdeen

***A New Power Yoga Class That Doesn’t Exist***

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Charcoal Yoga Aberdeen
Virabhadrasana, Aberdeen 2019

I am pleased to announce that I will now be teaching “power yoga” on Monday evenings at Nuffield Health Aberdeen Fitness & Wellbeing Gym, 18:50-19:50.

Disclaimer: power yoga doesn’t really exist. It’s a made up term by Westeners to sell a brand of yoga. The first definition I gleaned from the power yoga website is this: “Power Yoga = Empowering yoga practice”. Nice and vague. So vague in fact that power yoga could include any asana or sequence by that definition, which is fine by me.

If you are a member of Nuffield and come along, expect a physical challenge, but bear this in mind: the breath is the most important element of asana. Not age, experience, gender, flexibility nor strength. The breath is the great leveller. If you can maintain steady breathing throughout the practice no matter the level of physical exertion, be it large or small, then you are getting to the root of yogic asana. If you are holding your breath back due to the strain and effort of a posture, or letting it run from you during a boring moment of the class, then you are missing the true nature of asana practice. 

All this said however, I am excited to begin these classes, meet new students, and help you deepen your practices.

Hopefully you are still reading…
Please get in touch about the potential rescheduling of class next week (13th) to Friday 15th at 7-8pm at Crathes Village Hall to express interest or otherwise. I have sent emails to those I have in my contacts. Anyone that uses Facebook to stay in touch, please leave a comment or message me. If 4 students are interested, next week class will move to Friday the 15th. If not, consider it a week off!

Class still runs as usual tomorrow, 7-8pm

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